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Dr. Bob's Masculist Page

When it gets built, this page will be my response to the extreme elements of the feminist movement, especially feminist literary criticism, most especially feminist Biblical literary criticism.

A So-Called Poem

i'm ignorant
the books I read are passe
i'm theoretically naive' to borrow a phrase from Cixous
but she is a french feminist
and so out of pashion, passe

i'm only a graduate student
only a woman
dare i raise my hand in class?
dare i post to fop-l
dare i become unladylike?
dare i interrupt
dare i question my betters?
should i stay a nice quiet good little girl?

will you pat me on the head when i speak?
will you smile and say,
'look. how cute. she's trying to do theory.
go away and play, little girl, little woman.
let the grownups, let the men talk theory.
you don't need to know theory.
go away and play, little girl.'

i'm ignormant, unread, theoretically naive
you mock me, patronize me, condescend to me, silence me

i will speak
i will read
i will post
i will write

and when i have spoken
and when i have read
and when i have posted
and when i have written
then i will teach
i will teach that the joy of speaking, of reading, of posting, of writing is knowledge
not mockery and not mastery
not condescensiion to those who have not yet spoken,
not yet read,
not yet posted,
not yet written

i will not be silenced by your condescension

For Now:

Aside from that, for the time being, let us merely quote Zeus's words to Hera (Iliad, Book I):

But go now, sit down in silence, and do as I tell you.

[And Hera's response]:

And the goddess, the ox-eyed lady Hera was frightened, And went and sat down in silence, wrenching her heart to obedience.

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