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Robert Russ

5 Pickwick Place
Greensboro, NC 27404
United States

Thanks for visiting my homepage. I am an assistant professor of English at Elon University, in Elon, North Carolina, where I teach courses in writing and in literature. I also work as an ancient Greek rhapsode, reciting (from memory) Books I, XXII, and XXIV of Homer's Iliad. Looking for opportunities to perform. Visit Dr. Bob's "Homer Tonight!" page.

Dr. Bob's Links

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Dr. Bob's Video Picks:

The Village
Fahrenheit 9-11

Dr. Bob's Hot CD's:

Watermark (enya)
Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell (Meatloaf)
A Spanner in the Works (Rod Stewart)
Boheme (Deep Forest)
"Heroes" Symphony (Philip Glass)
yourself or someone like you (matchbox 20
Veneno AntiMonotonia (Cassia Eller)

Read Any Good Books Lately? I Have:

The Journal of John Woolman
The Sparrow (Mary Doria Russell)
Iliad (Homer)
The Intuitionist (Colson Whitehead)

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Love Homer, the Iliad, Dr. Bob?:..and counting . . . ...