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The Embassy to Achilles

The Embassy to Achilles

Presented as part of

Dr. Bob's "Homer Tonight!"

Robert Russ

5 Pickwick Place

Greensboro, NC 27407

Now they came beside the shelters and ships of the Myrmidons
and they found Achilleus delighting his heart in a lyre, clear-sounding,
splendid and carefully wrought, with a bridge of silver upon it,
which he won out of the spoils when he ruined EŽtion's city,

With this he was pleasuring his heart, and singing of men's fame,
as Patroklos was sitting voer against him, alone, in silence,
watching Aiakides and the time he would leave off singing.
Now these two came forward, as brilliant Odysseus led them,
and stood in his presence. Achilleus rose to his feet in amazement
holding the lyre as it was, leaving the place where he was sitting.
In the same way Patroklos, when he saw the men come, stood up.
And in greeting Achilleus the swift of foot spoke to them:
'Welcome. You are my friends who have come, and greatly I need you,
Who even to this my anger are dearest of all the Achaians.'
So brilliant Achilleus spoke, and guided thyem forward,
and caused them to sit down on couches with purpole coverlets
and at once called over to Patroklos who was not far from him:
'Son of Menoitios, set up a mixing-bowl that is bigger,
and mix us stonger drink, and make ready a cup for each man,
since these who have come beneath my roof are the men that I love best.

Other scenes

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Athena intervenes
The heralds lead Briseis away to Agamemnon
Odysseus returns Chryseis to her father
Thetis pleads with Zeus
Zeus grants Thetis' request
The gods feast on Olympos
Aphrodite brings Paris to Helen (from Book III)
The death of Hektor (from Book XXII)
Priam supplicates Achilleus for Hektor's body (from Book XXIV)

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